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Elusive Elusive Elusive

Elusive Elusive Elusive

Have you been thinking about jazzing up your son's or daughter's room? Here is an inexpensive decoration and educational idea for any child's room.

My son has been into "Mighty Machines" lately. We have been reading books, watching machine video's and doing field trips to see and learn about back hoes, bulldozers and concrete mixers first hand. On our last field trip I brought my camera along to snap a few pictures of these "Mighty Machines". A few close up, similar to some photography of machinery I had recently saw at an art exhibition (he wanted $600 piece for his work). I printed six of them on my color printer. I purchased some cheap frames from Ikea and hung them three frames by two frames in the shape of a square. My son loves identifying his favorite "Mighty Machines" on his wall. The same could be done for your daughter's room. Help her dress up her dolls and then have a fashion show...camera man and all! How about visiting your local dog park or even the zoo? Snap shots of animals are loved by all children. Not only will you jazz up their personal space, you will be building memories together.

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