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Professional Artist
Christa Ziman's professional experience includes both teaching and curating. She has taught drawing at
Collin County Community College and work continuously on curating shows. She continues to provide private and
small group art lessons out of her studio. She has 18 graduate level hours in Art History and a Master's
of Fine Art in Painting. She also maintains her Texas teaching license.

Teaching Experience
From her teaching experience she have learned that she must guide students to understand that making art is
a discipline, time consuming and requires physical and mental awareness. She also learned that students need
to see information presented in several different ways: visual, tactual and audible. She strived hard to ensure
that art projects and class reflected those lessons. As a teacher, she worked hard to become an effective
listener, communicator so that she can relate more effectively to students.

Professional Growth
She attended the Texas Association of Schools of Art conference in 2009, and another in Belmont, Texas
that helped her learn many beneficial teaching strategies for the post secondary learner.

Involvement in North Dallas Community
She volinteers art lessons to the Boys and Girls Club in Plano once a year. She is currently proposing an after
school art program at a non profit organization, Margertree Tree House in Plano. She helped organized Visual
Arts League of Allen (VALA) which is sponsored by the Allen Arts Alliance. She was the first
VALA member to do a show in January, 2009 at the Blue House Gallery in Allen, Texas.

Professionally, she have shown my work at numerous galleries in Texas, Oklahoma and New York.
Currently, her work is in a group show Canada, Brooklyn, New York and Frisco, Texas.

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